Mahay's Riverboat Service

Steve on the McKinley Queen.



History of Mahay's


Steve Mahay founded Mahay’s Riverboat Service in 1975. Back then he had a 16’ Jon boat with a 20 hp outboard motor. Currently, our fleet consists of eight inboard jet boats which have all been custom-made for us in Tacoma, Washington and Lewiston, Idaho. Our staff currently consists of 20-25 employees.

(The picture to the right shows Steve Mahay surveying Devil's Canyon before his treacherous battle against this ensuing whitewater. Steve was the first person to ever succesfully navigate the Devil's Canyon as well as the first and only person to navigate the Talkeetna Canyon.)


The business has immensly grown due to the fact that we pride ourselves in offering nothing but the best, in equipment, a professional and highly trained staff and personalized service. Our operation is based out of the village of Talkeetna where the Susitna, Talkeetna and Chulitna Rivers meet. From our location we access over 200 miles of remote wilderness.

Due to the diversity of our waters, our inboard jet boats have been custom-designed for safety and comfort by Steve Mahay. We operate 24’, 27’, 33', 44’ and 47' boats that travel at an average cruising speed of 35 mph.


Perfectly suited for our braided rivers, these boats require only inches of water to operate, allowing us to access many tributary streams that may seem impassable.


Our guides are licensed captains by the U.S. Coast Guard and our vessels are Coast Guard inspected. Our guides bring to you over 100 years of local experience insuring you a safe and professional trip.

  Denali Alaska



Owner Steve Mahay

Steve Mahay piloting one of his boats on the Susitna River.

Talkeetna Alaska